April Sapp

April has been singing since she was 7 years old. She always had a love for it! Although it has taken her awhile to get back to it, it still always has its way of finding her. Music brings her to life. It brings her closer to God. It brings her peace and healing. It’s like air to her lungs. Her life would be so boring and dull without it. Her goal is to write songs that encourage those who have had it rough and are struggling. She has been there too and sees you. She has also been in dark places in her own thinking, her marriage and sense of purpose in life. Many times she has wanted to give up on her dreams and calling because it all felt so much bigger than her. She hopes her music will encourage you to look up and see God is with you. Even in the dark places, even in the joyful places, he has never left you and you are not alone.

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