This Week's Musician at the Market:    Eleise Renea



Eleise Renea (Trenda) is an 18 years old singer/songwriter and was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Growing up as a pastor's kid, as well as in a musical family of 7, there was always a chance to perform. Being far too familiar with the challenges, heartache, and joy that life throws, songwriting has been a passion of hers since she was a little girl as it has helped her process and get through different challenges in life.   Eleise is passionate about her faith and love for Jesus, and wants to empower others in their identity and be an example of hope in the midst of struggle. In August of 2019, the Trenda family moved to Fort Worth, TX where Eleise was submerged in the DFW music culture. She began singing her original songs at open mics and got the opportunity to sing at the Deep Ellum, Dallas creative festival, as well as opening for her friend’s (Ase Reaux) album release party. Although she has not released any music yet, it is a priority and hopes to have music out soon.

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